Reach more mental health sufferers with in-built clinical assessments

Reach more mental health sufferers with in-built clinical assessments

If you’re a mental health professional beginning to wrap your head around remote clinical assessments, you’re not alone. With recent medicare changes and the explosion of telehealth during the pandemic, an unprecedented number of practitioners just like you, are looking to take their practice either partially or wholly online and embrace in-built clinical features.

The Benefits of Remote Mental Health Assessments

In early 2022, Coviu conducted customer interviews to understand the key benefits for providers and clients of administering Pearson assessments over telehealth and to discover the challenges in remote delivery that need to be addressed. Through the discovery interviews, the following key benefits were identified:

  1. The ability to deliver cognitive assessments remotely helped clients significantly reduce their wait time to get assessed and receive early intervention.
  2. Remotely delivered cognitive assessments made it more accessible for clients to receive a diagnosis, removing barriers such as long distances to travel, expenses related to travel and lack of public transport.
  3. The ability to administer cognitive assessments remotely added more flexibility and efficiency to providers. Clients no longer needed to cancel appointments if they experience flu-like symptoms, as they could be done over telehealth, reducing cancellations. They could also isolate at home when experiencing symptoms without having to cancel their appointment.
  4. Delivering assessments via telehealth enabled providers to expand their clinical footprint and service areas outside of their geographical location.

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Australians Demand Remote Health Assessments

It’s inevitable that virtual care is here to stay, with 64% of 1000 recent participants studied by Coviu agreeing it makes mental health support more accessible.

In fact, it was found that 52% of Aussies would switch mental health practitioners to one that offers telehealth and 55% would be more likely to seek mental health support if they could access it via telehealth. This sentiment is shared across age demographics, from millennials (64.8%) to Gen X (54%) and baby boomers (51%).

Add in recent staff shortages and an overburdened mental health profession; remote
assessments are a solution you can’t ignore.

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But Which Platform Will Best Fit Your Needs?

Standing out from the crowd, Coviu is designed for clinicians, providing an all-in-one virtual care engagement platform that enables providers to deliver a superior, frictionless virtual care experience. With an extensive range of applications, clinicians are able to create a browser based experience that is as close to an in-person consultation as you can get in the current market. To address the clear limitations of corporate video software, Coviu hosts a suite of assessments developed by its longstanding partner, Pearson, on its virtual care platform. This has catalysed a rich community of researchers validating these assessments in different populations.

Snapshot of Coviu's In-built Clinical Assessments

Coviu have put together a snapshot of some of their key in-built assessments for mental health practitioners. The full suite of mental health assessments can be found here. Their applications are easy to follow and provide you with the ability to facilitate industry standard tests for your clients as part of an integrated virtual care experience.




The WISC-V A&NZ is an intelligence test that measures a child's intellectual ability and cognitive domains that impact performance.

Learn more here.






The CELF-5 A&NZ is a comprehensive battery of tests that provides a streamlined, flexible approach to language assessments for Australian and New Zealand students.

Learn more here.





This app enables you to administer the Beck Depression Inventory. The Beck Depression Inventory is a brief, self-report inventory designed to measure the severity of depression symptomatology.

Learn more here.





The WIAT-III A&NZ is an individually administered achievement test for use in a variety of clinical, education, and research settings. 

Learn more here.


Endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society (APS), Australian Association of Psychologists INC (AAPI) and Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA), Coviu’s virtual care platform is the leading telehealth provider in Australia and it’s no wonder clinicians are adopting Coviu at record speed.

Whatever stage you’re at on your virtual care journey, there is no doubt that in-built clinical assessments are a game changer for mental health practitioners.

Get started with a free trial.

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