ANZMHA Podcast: Mark Hammersley

ANZMHA Podcast: Mark Hammersley

For First Nations people, the hope and promise of healing from addiction can be rooted in cultural interventions. However, there remains few published studies specifically examining the type and impact of these interventions.

With 20 years’ experience in recovery in the Christian community, Mark Hammersley has had extensive experience working as an educator for the Advanced Diploma in Counselling in Therapeutic Arts at Chisholm Institute over 5 years. He has also been the Manager of Galiamble Men’s Recovery Centre in St Kilda for over 11 years.

At Galiamble, Mark draws on his experience as an artist to develop an art therapy program and became actively engaged in narrative therapy. He has worked with other therapists to develop new practice models, including publications and conference presentations.

Mark joins us as this week’s guest to discuss the importance of a cultural setting free from judgement and stigma for Koori men needing support for addiction. This includes the relationships with staff and each other, that makes ‘cultural healing’ possible. Mark will also take us through the formation of Galiamble, including advice they provide, service offerings, and what is important in ‘life after rehab’ to keep change going.

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