S3:E15 | Todd Sellwood: Addiction in the Emergency Departments

S3:E15 | Todd Sellwood: Addiction in the Emergency Departments

In 2020, the health care landscape was significantly impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. With restrictions and border closures in place, access and costs of illicit substances have impacted on the patterns of use for those with substance use disorders.

Offering insight into how COVID 19 has changed the alcohol and other drugs landscape from the perspective of a busy metropolitan emergency department worker is this week’s podcast guest Todd Sellwood.

Todd is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years’ experience in emergency, oncology, surgery and medicine in various roles. He has worked in the addiction field for a number of years and has been employed as the Alcohol and Other Drug Nurse Navigator at the Princess Alexandra Hospital for the last 18 months. Todd is a passionate advocate for the collaborative management for those presenting for care, and supports empathetic and holistic management of those seeking guidance and support for drug and alcohol use disorders. He is also a fervent supporter of dispelling myths and quashing stigmatisation of patients accessing healthcare services.

Tune in as Todd delves into the challenges of addiction in the emergency department, and how an alternate framework can better manage those needing effective, holistic, client-focussed and timely care.

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