Ian Snape: An Inside Out, Upside Down View of Workplace Stress

Ian Snape: An Inside Out, Upside Down View of Workplace Stress

This week’s guest Dr Ian Snape, CEO of Frontline Mind, presents a different way of thinking about stress in the workplace, and the value of building a resilient workforce.

There is a subtle but dangerous belief that the pressures and challenges of events in the workplace cause stress. This form of thinking could be seen as an ‘outside-in view’, where an external event is the cause of an internal response.

In many cases there is a strong correlation between workplace risk factors and reported states of stress, however, this relationship is not causative. In other words, if there is a relationship between the workplace and stress, it is more likely an upside-down one, where resilient people make productive workplaces.


Ian has over 30 years of experience leading and managing teams in strategy, innovation, and adventure. He is the co-founder of two related companies, The Coaching Space Pty Ltd, a niche coaching company, and Frontline Mind, a global training company.

Discover Ian’s approach to workplace stress, and what he believes is the key to a happy and productive workplace.

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