ANZMHA Podcast: Tania Raghavan

ANZMHA Podcast: Tania Raghavan

Tune in as Tania delves into valuable insights into the framework process, including the challenges faced in developing and implementing a framework within a large, geographically dispersed organisation..

Developing and implementing a framework for mental health training and support in a large organisation is essential. It also requires a significant amount of hard work, research, testing, and feedback.

This week’s guest Tania Raghavan is a Senior Psychologist with the Queensland Police Service. She has played an integral role in developing the QPS Mental Health and Wellbeing Literacy Framework and is currently working to embed training throughout a number of existing operational programs.


Amongst 18 years of extensive experience in providing psychological services, Tania also has extensive experience providing critical incident response services with organisations nation-wide.

This includes the ‘Queensland Police Service (QPS) Mental Health and Wellbeing Training Framework’, which was developed to provide a structured approach to training to support the mental health and wellbeing of QPS members as they progress through their career lifecycle.

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