S3:E9 | Jessica Braat: How Family Homelessness Impacts Children and Young People

S3:E9 | Jessica Braat: How Family Homelessness Impacts Children and Young People


It comes as no surprise that children who are exposed to traumatic events such as homelessness often develop social, emotional, health and behavioural problems. So, how can we prevent this from happening?

With a particular interest in child protection and meaningful support for families, this week’s podcast guest Jessica Braat believes early intervention and providing appropriate services after traumatic events is crucial for recovery.

Jessica is Team Leader of the Family Support and Advocacy Team at Micah Projects Limited. She oversees two programs funded to support families in the Brisbane area who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Micah Projects believes that every adult and child has the right to a home, an income, healthcare, education, safety, dignity and connection with their community of choice.  The team works from a two generational approach, recognising the importance of assessing needs of children, as well as adults, to ensure the right supports can be offered to achieve positive outcomes.

Listen in as Jessica takes us through how family homelessness impacts children and young people, and what services and support should be provided in order for children to properly process and recover from traumatic situations like this.

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