S3:E10 | Amy Mouafi: DV Homicides are on Track for 2020 - Is This Good Enough?

S3:E10 | Amy Mouafi: DV Homicides are on Track for 2020 - Is This Good Enough?

Despite all the money the Federal and State governments have invested into domestic violence, DV homicide numbers remain at a stable rate. Why?

According to this week’s podcast guest Amy Mouafi, it comes down to a handful of factors. Amy believes a fundamental reason is the innovation of the status quo. Services are funded to deliver the same thing and there is no real 'early intervention'. Another issue, she believes, is the contradiction between rhetoric, legislation and practice.

To give you a little more background information on Amy, she is the Owner and Director of A.M Consultants & Associates, with 20 year's specialist experience within the field of violence, crime and public policy. Amy developed and implemented a diversity round table approach for complex police investigations, resulting in consulting for USA law enforcement. She has played a major role in implementing changes in how investigations and prosecutions of domestic violence in Aboriginal communities are dealt with, as well as implementing the first specialised police prosecution training and curriculum.

Join us as Amy highlights her experience in DV homicide prevention, and what she believes is needed in order for numbers to decrease.

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