ANZMHA Podcast: Chris Wilkins

ANZMHA Podcast: Chris Wilkins

Associate Professor Chris Wilkins is the leader of the drug research team at SHORE & Whariki Research Centre, Massey University, New Zealand. Chris has research expertise in drug trends, drug markets, and drug policy.

In today’s podcast episode we chat with Associate Professor Chris Wilkins from SHORE & Whariki Research Centre, the College of Health at Massey University in New Zealand about the preferences for different cannabis law reform options among the general population and key national stakeholders in New Zealand. 

To provide some background, several countries including Australia and New Zealand are debating the future of cannabis policy. In 2020 a national referendum to legalise recreational cannabis use and supply (via the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill (CLCB)) was held in New Zealand, and was narrowly defeated. 

We chat with Chris around the key factors in the defeat of the CLCB.  

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