ANZMHA Podcast: Pat Dudgeon

ANZMHA Podcast: Pat Dudgeon

“Treasure your difference and your local connectedness. Serve your community in a way that makes your heart happy.” 

Today we have the trail blazing Pat Dudgeon on the podcast.  

We discuss with Pat how she started out in her studies, her motivations and the projects she’s been a part of. We discuss the big events of the last few years, the progressive ideas which have led to different models and programs as well as considerable change for the Indigenous community.  

Pat talks about the importance of connection to kinship, community and country. She shares how globally, Indigenous psychology is shifting for the better and how exciting that is for her. She shares how strongly she feels about the obligation to leave an easier path for the Indigenous generations to come and why doing things that make your heart happy is just as important.  

Pat talks about her desire for what future care models look like, for both Indigenous and non-indigenous people.

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