Specialised Private Mental Health Treatment for People Struggling with Depression & Addiction

Specialised Private Mental Health Treatment for People Struggling with Depression & Addiction

Addiction and mental health concerns often go hand in hand, with roughly 50 percent of individuals with severe mental health disorders also affected by substance abuse (www.helpguide.org ).

There are many ways to treat addiction and there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Addictive disorders, such as substance abuse and dependence, include more than just drugs and alcohol.

When substance use disorder symptoms are severe or chronic and unremitting, the extra support and care that can be provided by a hospital is sometimes needed.

Across Aurora Healthcare we have both inpatient and outpatient treatment options supported by a range of addictions specific mental health day programs available at our hospitals.

With almost 1,000 mental health beds across 16 hospitals, Aurora Healthcare is Australia's largest specialist private mental health provider. 

We have dedicated addictions units spanning across Australia that provide in-hospital treatment and day programs with the resources, education and clinical support to address your issues, misuse and dependency.

We consider the specific needs of each patient and provide tailored treatment options to suit the individual. Our mindfulness approach teamed with evidence based medicine helps patients on the road to recovery.


Specialty Treatment for Addictive Disorders

Inpatient Treatment Programs

Our abstinence-based inpatient treatment provides medically supervised detoxification, to ensure side effects and risks of withdrawal are treated in a controlled environment.

Offering relapse prevention and lifestyle management strategies, inpatient therapy programs discuss the skills, techniques and strategies needed to understand and manage dependency disorders. Our treatment approach includes therapy, stress management, relapse prevention, family and supporter engagement and medication.

Addictive Disorders Day Program

Our approved abstinence-based programs are run by multidisciplinary treatment teams. Focusing on self-awareness and an understanding of the influences of past on present behaviour, our programs can help you learn to better manage your mood and change your addictive behaviour. Sessions explore the challenges faced on a daily basis and target the skills needed to maintain recovery and reduce the risk of relapse.

Looking for easily accessible mental health treatment, online? We have recently launched Aurora Healthcare’s Cloud Clinic – an online private practice delivering increased access to comprehensive online mental health assessments and treatment. Offering a wide range of online evidence-based treatment options, tailored to you.

For more information about our hospital substance use disorders programs and services available, visit www.aurorahealth.com.au. Alternatively, speak to your General Practitioner about a referral to access our private mental health services.

SOURCES: www.helpguide.org

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Specialised Private Mental Health Treatment for People Struggling with Depression & Addiction

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