How To Handle Mental Health Issues At Work

 How To Handle Mental Health Issues At Work

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Stella Lincoln.

Mental health problems are one of the leading causes of the overall disease burden worldwide. Major depression is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide and a significant contributor to the burden of suicide and ischemic heart disease.”

Dealing with mental health conditions can be one the most daunting concepts for those who find themselves in the middle of its associated uncertainties. Individuals may find it hard to maintain the social and mental acuity, continually having a fear of not being able to control a mental outbreak.

While dealing with their work-related matters, individuals impacted by a mental health issue may have to work the extra mile to keep things steady. The difficulty of being communicative and social with other colleagues cannot be ignored.

Below mentioned are some ways that will help you calm your fears and better manage your mental health in the workplace.

1. Know The Signs Of The Problem

Those who are suffering from mental illness just need to understand the importance of having a clear insight into their disorder. To be able to better manage a mental health issue, the first thing is to know more about it.

Sometimes things may get tougher and finding the right solution to manage your mental health can get complicated. However, some of the most common mental weaknesses may be related to having difficulty in speaking with the people and feeling the necessity to call in sick more often.

2. Set Small, Manageable Goals

When you find that things are slipping out of your hands and you feel less control over nerves, reduce the load, or consider breaking it into small manageable goals. You can sometimes feel helpless, trying to complete all that massive workload that is assigned to you. Therefore, instead of pushing yourself out of your mental comfort zone, break your to-do list into tasks that are more doable and achievable.

Try to find a hobby that helps you in relaxing your mental state, and incorporate it when you’re working. This will significantly help you manage your work load, without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Make A To-Do List

While being under mental pressure, it can be hard to deal with the overwhelming feeling of a full workload. This can also significantly contribute to your depression and anxiety.

To overcome such factors, you must make a “To-Do” list and work your way through one simple step at a time. You must also learn to prioritise your needs and make sure that you are not too much stressing about the load. According to some of the leading mental health care experts, making journalling as a part of their daily routine helps significantly in overcoming anxieties and depression.  

4. Avoid Talking Too Much

It is understandable how daunting it can be to face office politics when your mental health is disturbed.

The best way to avoid most of the stress is by reducing your interaction with others in the office.

Taking a healthy-mind freshening break.

5. Talk To Human Resources

To have a better grip on situations, you must get the problems solved from their root causes. If you know that organization and management are your problems, it is always better to talk about it rather than just letting it go.

Speaking about your issues is far better than waiting for an outburst to happen. HR professionals are communicative and will surely help you within resolving the problem that is disturbing your mental stability.

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