EmeQ App - Building Mental Fitness in Young People

The 2018 International Mental Health Conference is almost upon us again, this year the conference will be held over the 8th – 10th August at the RACV Royal Pines on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

This annual conference is now in its 19th year and continues to be the pinnacle event in the mental health industry. The Conference provides an invaluable opportunity to build relationships and to share knowledge, research and latest policies.

Ms Maria Ruberto, Psychologist at Salutegenics joins us at the conference to discuss ‘EmeQ App - Building Mental Fitness in Young People’.

Ms Maria Ruberto


Emotions are pivotal to the human experience and can determine the quality and growth of our lives. It is an unnegotiable, biological process. What is negotiable is how well we develop our capacity to emote, and whether we prioritise and nurture attention to our feelings and those of others. Emotions therefore, are a biological imperative; they are the jewels or gems of our existence, given their presence, their fragility and their role to facilitate functional and adaptive behaviours.

Emotional Fitness is central to wellbeing; it allows us to experience the entire spectrum of emotions from high energy to low energy, and from high intensity to low intensity. Emotional Fitness is the development and consistent training of emotional skills which allow individuals to regulate their energy and manage their intensity of emotions, so that individuals are able to respond and live in concordant with human values, regardless of adversity.

A significant factor of mental health is learning to become emotionally fit. Our experience of emotion is highly intimate, and for most of us, extremely private due to this intense intimacy. Our capacity to raise tolerance, adapt, and formulate strong functioning is moderated by our execution of emotion; to become agile in the use and application of our feelings in response to our environment. Emotional health calls for the deprivatisation of our feelings and invites us to step out into a journey of attention, expression, and dialogue.

EmeQ is an online platform, paired to the EmeQ App, which utilises evidence-based strategies in mental health prevention and intervention. It is designed to teach Emotional Fitness to students. This is the development and consistent training of emotional skills which allow individuals to regulate their energy and manage the intensity of their emotions, so that they develop resilience and reliable coping mechanisms, regardless of adversity.


Maria Ruberto is a psychologist with over 22 years of clinical and industry experience. Her work in the educational and workplace sector is reflective of the national partnerships with beyondblue and reachout.com, as well as Swinburne University, the current research partner. Maria's clinical work addresses the current epidemic of anxiety and depression in young people and adults, applying evidence-based theories, neuroscience and emotional fitness strategies. Maria is focused on increasing the capacity and performance of individuals and teams through a strengths-based approach, who rely on highly tuned relationships and emotional intelligence to achieve professional, organisational and personal growth.

For further information on the 19th International Mental Health Conference and to secure your spot please visit anzmh.asn.au/conference


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