One Stop Shop for Mental Health Services Moves Australia’s Mental Health Care Online

People suffering mental problems will from today be able to get help from a one stop mental health service combining help from 26 mental health providers including Headspace, Beyond Blue and Mind Frame.

Health Minister Greg Hunt will launch the comprehensive Head to Health website that includes access to free or low-cost apps, online support communities, online courses and phone services.

Mental Health Service Moves Australia’s Mental Health Care Online Photo: article supplied

One in five Australians experience a mental health problems every year and accessing help can be confusing and confronting now help will be available from their mobile phone or computer.

The new service contains over 370 resources and has help for people suffering depression, suicidal thoughts, cancer, eating disorders, pregnancy and post natal depression, PSTD, anxiety disorders, domestic violence drugs and alcohol, schizophrenia, kids helpline and help for the elderly and carers.

Its resources can be used by those with a mental health problem as well as their relatives, carers and friends.

People can interact with the site through a chat bot that asks you why they are looking for help.

It then directs users to services that can help with a relationship break up, domestic violence, suicidal thoughts, online courses that help with anxiety and depression and a multitude of other resources.

It connects users to chat lines, online forums and peer support services where they can talk to people with similar experiences.

It provides access to evidence based online apps and courses that can help people cope with anxiety, depression and other conditions, build skills and track their progress.

If the user wants professional help the site provides a guide to the types of mental health care providers available so the user can select the service best suited to their needs.

The aim of the new digital mental health service is to provide a single place where people can access support and information before they reach crisis.

People with a mental health problem are often reluctant to seek help because of stigma attached to mental conditions and the anonymity of online services can make it easier for them to seek help.

If people are unsure which mental health service suits their needs this new portal will provide a menu that explains what each service does and the programs it offers and they can sign up for help immediately.

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