Coviu Platform Delivering Online Clinical Assessments

Coviu Platform Delivering Online Clinical Assessments

Coviu, Australia’s leading telehealth software provider, has entered a formal partnership with Pearson Clinical and as a result, the WISC-V (A&NZ) assessment has been integrated into the platform.

The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children®–Fifth Edition for A&NZ is the latest version of the most proven and trusted cognitive ability measure. It provides a truly comprehensive picture of a child's abilities and potential.

Psychologists across Australia and New Zealand will now be able to conduct a valid, remote clinical assessment via a telehealth consult from the Coviu platform.

This means they will no longer have to rely on face-to-face assessments, or simultaneously juggle between Pearson’s Q-interactive resource and their telehealth platform of choice.

This is the first time Pearson Clinical (A&NZ) has integrated their clinical assessments into a telehealth software platform.

The WISC-V (A&NZ) on Coviu:

  • Perfect visual quality of the stimulus for both provider and patient
  • Asymmetrical user interface: the child being assessed can only see the assessor and stimulus book, not other elements of the user interface - to limit distractions.
  • Interactive click tracking: numbered markers appear on the assessor's end, which enables them to review the child's interactions.
  • Perform safe and effective remote assessments during COVID-19 and beyond
  • Long term healthcare solution for rural and remote dwellers, disabled or mobility impaired individuals, time-poor urban families and more.

The relationship between Coviu and Pearson Clinical has been built over several years of collaboration and research projects, which have found telehealth assessments to achieve comparable results as those held face-to-face.

This partnership is another step forward in removing barriers to healthcare access, and will enable practitioners to treat a greater demographic of patients.


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