Development of non-government services in clinical community mental health recovery in regional NSW


The 6th Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium theme, The Practitioner’s Voice, seeks to give voice to practitioners who are faced with these challenges on a regular basis. Be a part of the discussion by registering for the symposium to be held 12-14 November 2014 at the Commercial Club Albury.

Arthur PapakotsiasMr Arthur Papakotsias

Chief Executive Officer
Neami National

Presentation Title: "Development of non-government services in clinical community mental health recovery in regional New South Wales".

Mr Arthur Papakotsias, Chief Executive Officer, Neami National will present at the 6th Australian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium. Mr Papakotsias's presentation will address the development of non-government services in clinical community mental health recovery in regional New South Wales.

The growth and evolution of non-government services in mental health recovery services in Australia has been notable and highly successful. Whilst a number of models of care are prominent in this evolution such as the PARC Units in Victoria, the partnership in the provision of clinical recovery services in these settings has followed a more traditional government/non-government split in the provision of services with clinically based staff and services which are predominately maintained and provided from the public mental health partner.

In New South Wales the development of the Dubbo and Regions Mental Health Recovery Centre and Broken Hill has challenged this usual threshold and has developed a model of care predicated on a non-government provider delivering clinically based recovery services through the employment of a multi-disciplinary workforce sourced from a range of key professions. This model is seen as an innovative development that will strengthen the partnership arrangements and set a template for effective regional service delivery of mental health rehabilitation services. This model removes the concept of us and them and progressively makes an integrated us.

Arthur has been Chief Executive Officer of Neami National for 23 years. He sits as Chair of the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA), as well as the Chair of Housing Choices Australia and has completed post graduate studies in management at RMIT and a Strategic Perspectives as well as an Authentic Leadership Development Course at Harvard Business School.

From a background in Psychiatric Nursing and Psychiatric Disability Recovery Service management, Arthur is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (MAICD) and all state based mental health peak bodies. In 2013 Arthur contributed to a chapter for the Oxford University Press, Third Edition of "Mental Health in Australia".

Neami is an accredited, national, community managed provider of mental health rehabilitation, housing and support services. Neami operates over 40 sites nationally, including sub-acute facilities in WA, NSW and Victoria and employs more than 550 staff to provide services to over 3500 consumers annually. With deep recovery-focussed service knowledge, Arthur is very experienced with all aspects of management and service delivery of mental health services in Australia.

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