What Tech is For?

Makshivim Net, established in 2008, offers online mental health programs, enabling people with mental disabilities to consult professionals, peers, and family members, obtain information and support. Technological tools, called e-rehabilitation, assist effective rehabilitation processes and monitor achievement, including social, occupational, and educational rehabilitation goals.

Social rehabilitation goals

Many people have difficulty cultivating a social circle online. We established virtual social programs to develop real life contact (in 2005); including a ‘Center for Independent Living’ program, promoting real-life social activities, for an independent contributing lifestyle, including lectures, interactive discussions, and motivational groups encouraging exercising, nutrition and more.

Occupational rehabilitation goals

Employment is an important recovery goal. For this we developed e-programs designed to help consumers and people with disabilities enter the labor market. This program offers online personal and group support, to get a job and keep it: e.g. the program for academic consumers in 2015 revealed that 82% found a job and 52% maintained their job.

Educational rehabilitation goals

To overcome barriers in education (e.g. stigma, lack of support on educational sites) we developed an e-mentoring model and virtual academic tutoring, offering recovery-oriented practice by trained practitioners.

Professional staff

Electronic media involves potential risks, like bullying, suicidal subjects, Arguments within the group, obsessive activities, ethical issues and much more. We train and supervise on staff in such issues.

Technological tools for rehabilitation enhancement

To increase outcome we developed user friendly Programs and accessible via computer/smart-phone and guarantee safe. Since users may participate in several programs, synchronization is crucial for positive outcomes.

Four technological tools assist the rehabilitation process (Assistive Rehabilitation: AR): (a) ARTech: an online case management program, used by professionals and consumers. (b) ARChat – A secure administration controlled chat for individual, group and peer support; (c) ARContact – An application designed to receive information from user’s social/occupational circles; (d) Emergency Button to support people in anxiety or stressful states

It’s important to emphasize that the technology is only a tool; the proper knowledge to utilize is required to succeed. The experience that Makshivim has acquired since 2005 helps us to attain our positive results.

Mr Eitan Ben Itzhak Klutch
CEO Makshivim Net





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