9 Things People With Mental Illness Want Their Bosses To Know

Everyone dreads going into work sometimes. But for those with a mental health disorder, that feeling is more than just a run-of-the-mill case of “the Mondays.”

Mental illness affects nearly one in five American adults in a given year. It brings about physical and emotional symptoms, none of which just disappear as soon as an individual steps through that office front door.

But having a mental health issue doesn’t make a person inept at his or her job. In fact, work may even help them manage their illness. Yet the stigma that mental illness is some sort of flaw still exists ― and that misconception (or the fear of it) could carry over into the workplace.

Below are just a few things those with mental health conditions wish their employers understood:

1. Even just coming into the office is a giant feat.

2. Productivity can suffer if they’re not supported.

3. They’re afraid of being held back if they reveal their illness.

4. There should be mental health resources at work.

5. Sometimes therapy will conflict with work schedules.

6. Sick days take on a different meaning.

7. Mental health terms are not a joke.

8. Mental illness is just as important as physical illness.

9. Your support means the world.

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