S2:E30 | Dorothy Frost: Disability & Employment – Breaking Down the Barriers


There are 2.1 million Australians of working age with a disability. Of these, just under half are employed. In order to boost these statistics, programs that educate and empower both employees and employers are essential.

To help people with a disability to cultivate a positive mindset and to improve their outlook on life, atWork Australia has partnered with Monash University to develop Positivum, an evidence-based assessment and health coaching program. By helping to understand thoughts, beliefs and behaviours, the Positivum Program aims to empower individuals with a disability to take charge of their mindset to increase their chances of getting employment. Heading up this project is Dorothy Frost, Manager of Research and Innovation at MedHealth Group.

Well regarded as a visionary, practical and engaging leader, Dorothy works across varied sectors including workers compensation, disability employment, and life insurance to continually refine and improve how vulnerable individuals can be supported to sustain work.

Tune in this week as Dorothy discusses the Positivum Program, what she is doing differently the second time around in isolation, and the impacts it is having on an increasing unemployment rate and the mindsets of those with a disability.

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