The Mental Health Benefits of a Simple Exercise Routine

The Mental Health Benefits of a Simple Exercise Routine

This article was kindly written and contributed by Lewis Robinson.

Everyone knows regular exercise is good for your physical health. Not only can working out help you stay fit - it also offers benefits for your heart, such as lower cholesterol and better blood sugar.

Staying physically active is great for your mental health, too. Check out all the amazing benefits of a simple exercise routine.

Stress Relief

Many people experience stress every day. Working from 9 to 5 and dealing with customers isn’t always easy. Taking care of kids is rewarding, but it’s also stressful. Fortunately, a short workout can have an amazing effect on stress levels. Your body naturally lowers levels of stress hormones and produces feel-good hormones instead.

Focus Adjustment

Another way exercise benefits your mood is by helping you focus on something positive. Instead of replaying the day’s negatives over and over in your head, you can concentrate on reps of your favourite exercises. Playing some energising music at the same time is highly recommended.

Mindset Benefits

If you tend to feel tired, fatigued, unmotivated, sad, and worried for long periods, moving your body can help to boost energy levels. Just 15–30 minutes of exercise is enough to make a big difference in your mood and mindset.

Even better, you have the freedom to follow the workout that feels comfortable for you. A 30 minute arm workout for example, has huge benefits for your heart, mind and body. Dance routines are another popular option for positively boosting your energy.


Regular exercise doesn’t just alleviate negative feelings temporarily. It can help you make deep-rooted changes to your lifestyle that produce lasting benefits. One area where many people can use a boost is self-esteem.

When you’re proud of yourself and your achievements, it has countless benefits for your overall health and mood. Exercise can be your answer to achieving your goals. Every workout makes a difference, and as you get into the habit of exercising regularly, you start to feel like you’re accomplishing big things.

It’s not just about losing weight; knowing you’re taking great care of your physical health feels satisfying and sets a great example for everyone around you.

Mental Focus

A simple exercise routine can also help your brain in more concrete ways. The hormones released during exercise help strengthen positive neural connections. In other words, they help your brain work better. Getting rid of stress hormones is amazing for the nervous system.

If you routinely feel like it’s hard to concentrate, give daily workouts a try. Many people can’t imagine how big a difference they make.

Exercise can help your imagination and problem-solving abilities improve. It can get rid of brain fog and improve your memory. Many scientists think that there are long-term benefits for mental health as well, potentially keeping your brain happy and healthy as you get older.

Sleep Quality

A good workout during the day can give you peaceful sleep at night. People who exercise regularly, even just for 15 minutes, tend to enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep. They have an easier time falling asleep and wake up less during the night.

If you’re undertaking a longer exercise routine, try not to do so too close to bedtime. Give yourself a buffer of a few hours to cool down and relax.

The important thing is to start, even if you start small. Over time, these habits can make a huge difference.

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