S2:E15 | Matt Newlands: How Mental Health Self-Awareness Saves Lives

 S2:E15 | Matt Newlands: How Mental Health Self-Awareness Saves Lives

Mental health issues are alarmingly high within emergency services. Research conducted by Beyond Blue identifies self-stigma as being of significant concern.  Survey results of over 21,000 emergency services personnel reported staggering statistics around participants diagnosed with mental health issues feeling shame about their mental wellbeing, with two-thirds of diagnosed participants admitting they have avoided telling anyone about their mental health issues.

Despite indicative testing suggesting the presence of a mental health issue, many respondents were also unable to identify this within themselves.

Matt Newlands is a husband and father with 10 years-service with South Australia Police. Having been diagnosed with PTSD and depression in 2015, he fought a personal battle with suicidal thoughts. The personal refusal of his diagnosis resulted in the destruction of his personal life and the end of a policing career in very dramatic circumstances.

Enveloped in an identity crisis, Matt found his way through the darkness with the support of his family and close friends. He now lives a positive and hopeful life after ‘the job’ as a counsellor, peer support group facilitator with The Road Home Wellbeing Program and Community Ambassador for RUOK?

Tune in with Matt as he takes us through his personal experience, and discover how the element of self-awareness is crucial in the journey of treatment and recovery.