MateCheck - The Award-Winning Mental Health and Safety Platform

MateCheck specialise in mental health and safety in the workplace.  This unique and comprehensive platform has won numerous awards for its innovation and application to improving the health and safety of employees.

MateCheck are bridging the crippling gap between employees who need support and don’t have access. Employees are provided immediate access to free and confidential supports at the touch of a button – no searching for phone numbers, no call waiting and no call centres. One current clients had over 78 people request help in the first 18 weeks of implementation. Employees can also see their personal wellbeing data over time on a personal dashboard which identifies patterns and offers intuitive insights and resources tailored to their needs.

MateCheck is also designed to support WHS Duty of Care and Liability. MateCheck will help your workplace cover 5 out of 6 WHS due diligence obligations. The platform captures employee wellbeing data in real time, providing informative insights about where to focus workplace initiatives. These collective insights provide potentially lifesaving solutions for management teams which increase staff engagement and productivity. Performance research indicates that positive employee engagement helps reduce incidents and WorkCover claims.

In addition, a GPS locator feature allows employers to send out safety push notifications to staff in risk situations such as terrorism, natural disasters and remote sites. Staff can communicate their level of safety easily and are provided immediate access to help should an incident occur anywhere in the world.

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This blog was kindly provided by MateCheck.

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