ANZMHA Podcast: Antonella Spatola

ANZMHA Podcast: Antonella Spatola

Systems of violence are complex, and solutions require more than just physical techniques.

One holistic approach to personal safety is Empowerment Self Defence (ESD), an evidence-based primary violence prevention system that teaches individuals how to recognise and interrupt violence by listening to the intuition assessing their options, asserting boundaries, using de-escalation strategies and provides tools for a range of psychological, verbal and physical responses.

Survivors who have been previously trained in ESD recover faster, are more likely to report perpetrators and reach out for support. So far ESD instructors have taught over 7000 people including victims of trafficking, girls at risk, rural women, social workers, refugees, students, mothers, and daughters and more from all around the world.

This week’s guest Antonella Spatola is the Regional Manager for the Asia Pacific region with ESD Global, a non-for-profit organisation based in the US, dedicated to making the evidence-based system of empowerment self-defence (or ESD) training accessible around the globe.
She trains individuals and organisations in the violence prevention space to promote the principles of ESD within their communities, delivering training to the global community as a first-hand preventative method against violence.

Antonella has a Psychology, is a mediator in conflict resolution, a behavioural therapist for NDIS, facilitates workshops and schools, and is a coach for women with a history of trauma.

Stay tuned as Antonella informs me on the principles of ESD, it’s importance in the violence prevention education space, and how it can be used as a powerful tool for change.

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