Mental health advocates welcome review's rural focus

Australia needs a more consistent approach to mental health policy, that doesn't fluctuate with the weather.

That's the message from Dr Jennifer Bowers, from the Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health, as a national review of mental health services begins.

Dr Bowers says every flood, fire or drought brings renewed attention to the challenges of delivering good mental health services outside the cities, but that attention disappears too soon after the event.

"It's really after that event that people need to take stock, and what happens is they throw a lot of money at it at the time, but in between times there are no additional resources or ways of actually getting in to those people to get them to prepare and help themselves in the meantime," she said.

The Federal Health Minister Peter Dutton released the terms of reference for the National Mental Health Commission review this week...

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The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association fosters discussion on rural mental health and tackles the big issues at the Annual Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium.

This year, the symposium will be held 12 - 14 November at the Commercial Club, Albury. Details of the symposium are being finalised and will be available shortly.  Keep updated by visiting the symposium website or contacting the conference secretariat.

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