Dr Sarah Hetrick to present on treatment or prevention of depression of young people

Dr Sarah Hetrick, Senior Research Fellow, Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health will present at the 16th International...

Dr Tegan Cruwys to present on social group membership and mental health

Dr Tegan Cruwys, Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist from University of Queensland will present at the 16th International Mental Health Conference at...

Charlotte Dawson's death puts cyberbullying back in spotlight

By ABC News

Feeling down: when does a mood become a disorder?

By Gordon Parker and Amelia Paterson

Seclusion, restraint of mental health patients can fuel fears, ACT forum told

Locking a distressed person in a padded cell when they are hearing voices could be the worst possible treatment, a conference in Canberra has been...

Depression a global problem: It’s not just Westerners who get the blues

Depression and anxiety are found in every society in the world, debunking old theories that only Westerners get depressed.