The Importance of Getting your Training Right!

Addressing Student Mental Health in Public School Systems

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Jori Hamilton.

Emotional Intelligence in Children

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Susan Craig.

Supporting Children Through Traumatic Events

At some point in our lives, many of us will experience the effects of a natural disaster or severe weather event in our community.

The Role of Schools in Supporting Students with Mental Health

The 2018 International Mental Health Conference is almost upon us again, this year the conference will be held over the 8th – 10th August at the RACV...

What makes someone more likely to be bullied at work and how companies can help them

Being bullied as a child, being female, young, and neurotic are significant predictors of whether you might be bullied in the workplace, our online...

Rural, Remote and Regional Clinical Supervision Programmes for Youths

Distance supervision: What does a focussed rural, remote and regional Clinical Supervision Programme contribute to clinical practice within a child...

Gender Diversity in Children: Where Are We?

A visible shift has occurred regarding support for children expressing diversity in gender identity and expression. Some parents are recognising...

13 Signs of Potential Mental Illness in a Child

Most parents have an instantaneous desire to protect their children. We tend to our children’s needs: If an unexplained rash appears, we see the...

Support and Education for ADHD and LD Children in Japan

The 2017 Conference will be held at the Conference Centre, Sea World Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland from Monday 21 August – Wednesday 23 August 2017.