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Bullying and harassment of health workers endangers patient safety

Bullying, harassment and other unprofessional behaviours are culturally ingrained in the Australian health-care system.

What makes someone more likely to be bullied at work and how companies can help them

Being bullied as a child, being female, young, and neurotic are significant predictors of whether you might be bullied in the workplace, our online...

The Effects on Mind and Body of Bullying in the Workplace

The boss humiliates you in a meeting before your co-workers. Your secretary gossips about you in the lunchroom spreading rumours about calls you...

Managing bullying, stress management and well-being in the school workplace.

As the principal of a small rural school in New Zealand I have learnt many lessons about managing bullying, stress management and well-being in the...

Failure to Respond to Employee Complaints of Abrasive Management Proves Costly

Victorian Supreme Court awards $625K, finds a failure to act breached duty of care

Investing in mental health pays off

Miki Perkins (May 20, 2014)

Managing the Impacts of Bullying: Prevention, Policy and Practise