How Pregnancy Impacts Womens' Mental Health

A study by the World Health Organisation found that worldwide, about 10% of pregnant women and 13% of women who have just given birth experience a...

One Man's Story of Suffering From Male Postnatal Depression

From the moment Mark found out his wife was pregnant, he longed to cradle his newborn child in his arms. But, when a midwife gently handed over his...

Dads can suffer depression after childbirth too

No matter how many books you read, nothing really prepares you for the birth of your first child. And that goes for dads, as well as mums.

Childbirth education crucial to overcoming postnatal depression

Unfortunately some women are just biologically and genetically predisposed to postnatal depression. Photo: Getty Images

Post-natal depression and smoking cessation before, during and after pregnancy

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