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8 Tips for Anxiety Relief & Management

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Quinn Paulson.

What Are the Risks of Cancer for People Suffering From Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorder is an umbrella term, which encompasses a variety of mental health conditions including panic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder,...

The Reality of Preschool Anxiety Disorders

Most people think that younger children can’t have anxiety. They think that because children do not have much of a life experience, what do they have...

Anxiety and addiction

Anxiety In contrast to fear, which is a response to a realistic immediate danger, anxiety is a fearful response occurring in the absence of a...

Investing in mental health pays off

Miki Perkins (May 20, 2014)

Teen girls twice as likely to suffer depression than boys, research shows

Posted Thu 16 Jan 2014, 5:54pm AEDT

Feeling down: when does a mood become a disorder?

By Gordon Parker and Amelia Paterson

New mothers are anxious – not depressed

Poverty, Not Mental Illness, Is Source Of Many Poor Mothers' Anxiety: Study

Rutgers University