Here’s How Instagram Will Use AI To Take On Its Bullying Problem

Instagram is rolling out a comment-filtering technology today that will automatically hide bullying comments on the social network.

What makes someone more likely to be bullied at work and how companies can help them

Being bullied as a child, being female, young, and neurotic are significant predictors of whether you might be bullied in the workplace, our online...

The Effects on Mind and Body of Bullying in the Workplace

The boss humiliates you in a meeting before your co-workers. Your secretary gossips about you in the lunchroom spreading rumours about calls you...

What If…? Creating Cultural Shifts in Our Understanding of Bullying

While we continue to make gradual progress in reducing bullying rates through increased social awareness, reduced stigma, and willingness to speak...

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As the principal of a small rural school in New Zealand I have learnt many lessons about managing bullying, stress management and well-being in the...

School Bullying Procedures - A Headmaster's Perspective

Mr David Carroll Deputy Headmaster – Students, Brisbane Grammar School.

Self–Love, An Intrinsic Antidote to Bullying.    

Bullying may emotionally hurt people, however bullying does not have the power to determine people’s identity, self-love and mental health. This is a...

Failure to Respond to Employee Complaints of Abrasive Management Proves Costly

Victorian Supreme Court awards $625K, finds a failure to act breached duty of care

Tears of Bullying in Health Services

Don Kane MB BS (UQ) FRACP FCCP Chairman, Health Professionals Australia Reform Association

Focus On Love and Young People Will Change Their Defensive Behaviours

You learn a lot listening to people’s stories. We don’t do much of it in our society; the more I facilitate the more I see our destructive societal...