5 Benefits of Home Care for Seniors With Dementia

Dementia, more common in older people, is a condition that affects one’s cognitive abilities. When a senior loved one is diagnosed with this, it can...

Flinders University’s Harmony in the Bush Dementia Study

Flinders University Rural Health SA commenced an ambitious national dementia research project in 2017.

Dementia Care Tips Caregivers Wish They Knew Sooner

Being a caregiver may not be an easy task and may not always come naturally. Some may need training, while others may need a to-do list.

Virtual Reality Changing Dementia Care in Australia

The 2018 International Mental Health Conference is almost upon us again, this year the conference will be held over the 8th – 10th August at the RACV...

Beetroot: This superfood could protect against Alzheimer's

New research suggests a compound in the vile root might protect against Alzheimer's disease, which could be an acceptable reason to eat it despite...

Understanding and Addressing the Causes of Behaviour

Dementia Support Australia (DSA) consultants often find that the smallest changes can have the biggest impact on a person’s wellbeing. Just like they...

Australia's First Ever 'Dementia Village' Will Be Built In Tasmania

A $25 million village for people with dementia will be built in Tasmania, aimed at providing a real life experience for those with the disease.

How the brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease: a new view

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Call for Abstracts for The 16th International Mental Health Conference closing 10 April

The 16th International Mental Health Conference will be held at the QT Hotel, Surfers Paradise from Thursday 13 August to Friday 14 August 2015. An...

Dementia, Decision-Making and Family Conflict. The Role of Mediation in a Legal Setting - A New Approach

The Guardianship Board of South Australia is tasked with making decisions about people with impaired decision-making capacity, including those...