In search of Alzheimer’s Disease Holy Grail

In late March this year (2018) I attended the Advances in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Therapies An AAT-AD/PD Focus Meeting in Torino (Turin), Italy.

Alzheimer’s disease: why insulin is a new suspect

Johnson and Johnson recently announced that it was halting a clinical trial for a new Alzheimer’s drug after safety issues emerged. This latest...

Beetroot: This superfood could protect against Alzheimer's

New research suggests a compound in the vile root might protect against Alzheimer's disease, which could be an acceptable reason to eat it despite...

How the brain changes in Alzheimer’s disease: a new view

The Conversation

Repetitive Pointless Behaviour in Dementia

Parkinson's disease and stimulant use: Punding and Impulse Control Disorders associated with dopaminergic agents.

The fight against Alzheimer's

The Project on channel 10 reported last night with PJ Lane, son of the late Don Lane, who was an Australian TV legend until his life was tragically...

Lewy body dementia

Dr James Galvin

Gold Coast doctors join Alzheimer's trial

Prof Philip Morris TWO Gold Coast doctors are travelling to the US to learn a controversial new treatment that offers hope to Alzheimer's...