The Situation and Effects on School Children of Cyberbullying in Japan

Purpose The main purpose of this research is to analyze the governments data on trends of cyberbullying (including “school yard” bullying), and to...

Bullying and harassment of health workers endangers patient safety

Bullying, harassment and other unprofessional behaviours are culturally ingrained in the Australian health-care system.

Your Opportunity to Present at the 2019 No More Harm National Conference

The 2019 No More Harm National Conference will be held at QT Gold Coast on Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 March.

Ending the Silence About Suicide

Suicide is one of those mental health issues that is seldom talked about. But talking about it is exactly what should be done.

Here’s How Instagram Will Use AI To Take On Its Bullying Problem

Instagram is rolling out a comment-filtering technology today that will automatically hide bullying comments on the social network.

Combatting online bullying is different for girls and boys: here’s why

Demands for improving online safety continue to capture headlines, often for the worst reasons.. While this outcry has signalled renewed interest in...

The Effects on Mind and Body of Bullying in the Workplace

The boss humiliates you in a meeting before your co-workers. Your secretary gossips about you in the lunchroom spreading rumours about calls you...

What If…? Creating Cultural Shifts in Our Understanding of Bullying

While we continue to make gradual progress in reducing bullying rates through increased social awareness, reduced stigma, and willingness to speak...

Failure to Respond to Employee Complaints of Abrasive Management Proves Costly

Victorian Supreme Court awards $625K, finds a failure to act breached duty of care

Cyberbullying Perpetration in Tertiary Students

Authors: Helen Lianos and Dr Andrew McGrath..