The Future of Mental Health Services and Psychiatry

Prof Philip Morris, President, Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association opened the 14th International Mental Health Conference at the...

Repetitive Pointless Behaviour in Dementia

Parkinson's disease and stimulant use: Punding and Impulse Control Disorders associated with dopaminergic agents.

The fight against Alzheimer's

The Project on channel 10 reported last night with PJ Lane, son of the late Don Lane, who was an Australian TV legend until his life was tragically...

Dementia, Decision-Making and Family Conflict - The Role of Mediation in a Legal Setting

The Guardianship Board of South Australia is tasked with making decisions about people with impaired decision-making capacity, including those...

Participation in green exercise: Experiences of people with acute mental distress in an inpatient psychiatric facility

Green exercise is defined as any physical activity undertaken in natural settings. Synergistic benefits of green exercise have additional emotional...

Young Onset Dementia - Bridging the gap between diagnosis and community

Young Onset Dementia is the onset of dementia under the age of 65 years. Current prevalence data suggests that some 24,000 people nationally are...

A collaborative model of care across service sectors for those with Young Onset Dementia

Bridging the gap between Diagnosis and Community

The 14th International Mental Health Conference - Call for Papers Open

Mental Health and the Australian Population

National Report Card on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention