Crime Rarely Associated with Mental Illness

Despite high-profile crimes associated with mentally ill suspects such as the school shootings in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, new research discovers...

‘Value for money’: the impact of transitions to consumer-directed care for older people with complex mental health needs

The transition to consumer-directed care in the aged care sector from July 2013 heralds a new level of transparency and accountability in the...

Adolescent “non-drinkers” increases sharply over a decade

Rates of non-drinking among Australian adolescents aged 14-17 years have increased sharply over the past decade with over half now abstaining from...

Dementia, Decision-Making and Family Conflict. The Role of Mediation in a Legal Setting - A New Approach

The Guardianship Board of South Australia is tasked with making decisions about people with impaired decision-making capacity, including those...

Teen girls twice as likely to suffer depression than boys, research shows

Posted Thu 16 Jan 2014, 5:54pm AEDT

Feeling down: when does a mood become a disorder?

By Gordon Parker and Amelia Paterson

Australian Workers - Unsatisfied and Stressed Out

New survey reveals insights into the psychological health of Australian workers

Mental health stigma

Mental health stigma still affecting Australian workers, with research showing 4 in 10 hide depression from employers By Matthew Grimson

15th International Mental Health Conference 2014 Launch

The Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association is pleased to announce the 15th International Mental Health Conference will be held at the