'Pokémon Go' is improving mental health

Pokemon Go, improving mental health

Magnetic brain stimulation can help treat drug-resistant depression, study finds

John Campbell has depression. Diagnosed in 2011, the 58-year-old motor mechanic has been unable to work for two-and-a-half years.

The cost of mental health in the workplace

A mentally healthy workplace is good for business. Research shows it leads to less absenteeism, more-engaged workers, better productivity and morale....

Non-invasive treatment for depression and bipolar disorder investigated at Black Dog Institute

A new, non-invasive non-medication treatment for depression including bipolar disorder is now being trialled at the Black Dog Institute, University...

QLD police working to remove stigma for officers suffering mental health issues

Senior Queensland police managers are hoping to break down the stigma of mental ill-health by encouraging more open discussion among officers.

Keep people at the heart of mental health

Services such as headspace are vital to our community’s health.

Patrick McGorry on Australia's mental health funding

Mental health has made a late entry into the election campaign, with Labor leader Bill Shorten yesterday promising a national suicide register and...

Fathers may pass anxiety and depression to their children genetically, study finds

Men who are stressed can pass on anxiety and depression to their children and grandchildren, scientists in Australia have found, in a study which...

Do parents need lessons for children's mental health?

Parents should have lessons provided by the government on how to raise their children, Britain's leading public health expert has said as reported by...

How can we remove the big stigma of mental health?

Each year, a quarter of all young people in this country will experience mental health issues, however many of them will not seek the help that they...