Dual Diagnosis of mental illness (MI) and acquired brain injury (ABI): Making positive changes towards rehabilitation and recovery.

Aims and RationaleThe aim of this exploratory study was twofold. It sought to describe some of the challenges faced by people with dual diagnosis of...

Depression and Chronic Back Pain

By: William W. Deardorff, PhD, ABPP

Promising results for online depression therapy

Published in the NursingReview Online 10 July 2012Australian National University researchers say online interventions can have important flow on...

Advocates ramp up Headspace campaign

Thomas O'Byrne and Michelle SpeirsThe Guardian - Northern Victoria  

Depression a global problem: It’s not just Westerners who get the blues

Depression and anxiety are found in every society in the world, debunking old theories that only Westerners get depressed.

Preventing obesity and poor physical health through assessment and ongoing monitoring

Dr Susanne Stanley aims to highlight the poor physical health of the mentally ill, paying particular attention to the high incidence of obesity,...

Poverty, Not Mental Illness, Is Source Of Many Poor Mothers' Anxiety: Study

Rutgers University

Talk is Cheap: The Role of a Speech Pathologist in Mental Health Services

It has been shown that language (e.g. understanding other people, or expressing yourself effectively), social interaction, and literacy disorders...

Depressed? You've got Buckley's getting insurance

Source: Jill Stark, Health ReporterThe Sunday Age

Australia’s first national e-mental health online portal

Australia’s first national e-mental health online portal has been launched today by the Federal Minister for Mental Health, the Hon Mark Butler MP.