Is Increased Mental Illness A Consequence Of Sobriety?

A common theme amongst people recovering from substance addiction is the development of increased mental health issues such as anxiety disorders...

Who calls the Shots?

The study of the regulation of harmful but legal products and services including alcohol, tobacco and gambling provides a fascinating dynamic insight...

Barwon Mental Health, Drugs and Alcohol Service.

Victoria’s alcohol and other drug sector has undergone major change. The changes are consistent with directions set by the Victorian Government in ...

Addiction Workforce Development

Addiction Workforce Development - The Aotearoa New Zealand experience: A reflection Anna Nelson-Programme Manager, Matua Raki.

Community Development Response to ICE & Other Drugs

With the growing drug problems in many communities holistic healers and counsellors are needing to educate themselves about services, intervention...

Domestic and family violence and co-occurring mental health issues and addictions

Mrs Bronwyn Morris Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, Like Mental Health.

Social Exclusion and Addiction: “Creating a Sense of Belonging”

Social Exclusion and Addiction: “Creating a Sense of Belonging”

Adolescent Internet Addiction

The roles of Parent-and-Child Mental Health and Parental Internet Addiction in Adolescent Internet Addiction

The ‘Spice is Rife’: Synthetic cannabinoid use amongst the homeless in the UK

A recent study carried out by Dr Paul Gray and Dr Rob Ralphs from Manchester Metropolitan University has found that synthetic cannabinoids - referred...

A Practical Approach to Addiction

A Practical Approach to Addiction: The Hunter and the Economist’ or Addiction as an Ecological Trap