10 Things Everyone Should Know About Depression

It’s been two years since beloved actor Robin Williams died by suicide, and one major legacy of his passing has been a continued conversation about...

Magnetic brain stimulation can help treat drug-resistant depression, study finds

John Campbell has depression. Diagnosed in 2011, the 58-year-old motor mechanic has been unable to work for two-and-a-half years.

Non-invasive treatment for depression and bipolar disorder investigated at Black Dog Institute

A new, non-invasive non-medication treatment for depression including bipolar disorder is now being trialled at the Black Dog Institute, University...

Fathers may pass anxiety and depression to their children genetically, study finds

Men who are stressed can pass on anxiety and depression to their children and grandchildren, scientists in Australia have found, in a study which...

Are antidepressants appropriate and effective for children?

Except for fluoxetine, antidepressants are ineffective in children and adolescents, according to findings from a systematic review involving four...

Depression - rethinking emotional blunting

Two hallmarks of depression that go hand in hand are isolation and withdrawal.

Depression - 10 natural ways to lift mood

As well as clinical treatment for depression, clinicians may also recommend natural ways to help a patient along the road to optimal health to feel...

Does positive thinking really improve mental health?

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Seeing a doctor for sadness: What your GP can do about depression

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