Why Carers Should Protect Their Mental Health

Millions of people around the world care for family members, friends or others in need of day-to-day assistance. Here in Australia, 3 million people...

Lifelong Wellbeing Proactive Health Promotion for Positive Health and Wellbeing

Contributions are invited for a special issue of HEJ – on the theme of 'Lifelong Wellbeing – Proactive Health Promotion of Positive Health and...

Self-Care Activities That Can Help Your Mental Health

When people have mental health troubles their self-care often falls by the wayside. A number of problems, including depression, can sap your...

5 Tips for Better Sleep (and Greater Mental Health)

Sleeping is a crucial process for the improvement of your body's health.

How Doing What You Love Can Improve Your Mental Health

Mental health problems, although sadly widespread, are manageable with some help.

Equally Well: Improving the Physical Health of People Living with Mental Illness

Join us in Albury, NSW from Wednesday 11 – Friday 13 October 2017 for the 9thAustralian Rural & Remote Mental Health Symposium.

Precarious Work and Health: The Roles of Organisational Justice and Work-Life Conflict

Precarious employment is considered to be a significant determinant of health inequalities worldwide.  However, the factors that influence this...

Uncovering Emotional Abuse through Addressing Emotional Eating

Obese, BMI 33, the author overcame emotional eating using an EMDR addiction protocol. Visualising where and when she wanted to eat her comfort food,...

What Are The Benefits of Sunlight?

Sunlight and Serotonin

Leisure and one’s health and well-being

Past research provides clear evidence to support the proposition that leisure broadly is a principal life domain in terms of one’s health and...