One in three who attempt suicide receive no follow up support

The Canberra Times, 3 September 2015.

Nearly a Third of Med Students Have Mental Health Issues

Discovery News, September 1 2015.

Lack of rural mental health services puts youth at risk

Originally Published by The Daily Examiner 12th Aug 2015

End mental health stigma, says partner at major law firm

Article published in the Australasian Lawyer @Aus_Lawyer 18 May 2015 by Samantha Woodhill

Mental health patients facing cuts to crucial services amid funding uncertainty: experts

Published on ABC Radio Australia, Updated 24 March 2015, 10:50 AEDT by medical reporter Sophie Scott

Australia's mental health system not meeting demand, should focus on self-help: report

Tues 11 March 2014 - ABC NEWS

Seclusion, restraint of mental health patients can fuel fears, ACT forum told

Locking a distressed person in a padded cell when they are hearing voices could be the worst possible treatment, a conference in Canberra has been...

Illawarra mental health group praised by world renowned expert

ABC News by Justin Huntsdale 14/08/13