13 Signs of Potential Mental Illness in a Child

Most parents have an instantaneous desire to protect their children. We tend to our children’s needs: If an unexplained rash appears, we see the...

Improving Services for Australians Affected by Forced Adoption

Improving services for Australians affected by forced adoption: Up-skilling and enhancing the health sector

Dads can suffer depression after childbirth too

No matter how many books you read, nothing really prepares you for the birth of your first child. And that goes for dads, as well as mums.

Workplace mental health a challenge for managers

Reported mental health issues in the workplace have risen 56 per cent in the past year, and almost half of companies in a major survey say at least...

Let’s talk about mental health at work

“We know that it can be really hard to talk to staff about mental health and how to actually look after one another’s health and well-being.”

More mental health support desperately needed in rural areas.

An outpouring of support has been shown for a mother who keeps her 16-year old daughter in a "safe room", with the latest reports indicating the...

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