Facebook should hide suicide live stream videos, mental health advocates say

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Tasmania's youth suicide rate highest in the country.

Tasmania's youth suicide rate has become the highest in the country, with youth workers blaming improperly targeted services and poor social...

Suicide rate for young Indigenous men highest in world

The rate of suicide among young Indigenous men is the highest in the world, according to a new report highlighting the challenges facing young...

Suicide Prevention for Tradies: Jeremy Forbes

Jeremy Forbes will discuss Suicide Prevention for Tradies at The 17th International Mental Health Conference 11 -12 August 2016. Picture: JODIE...

Suicide prevention for Indigenous Australians

Suicide prevention for Indigenous Australians push Royal Commission

Sue Murray, Suicide Prevention Australia joins us

Sue Murray, CEO, Suicide Prevention Australia will present on a National Suicide Prevention Strategy 11-12 August

West Australians less likely to access crisis support, despite high suicide rates, Lifeline says

West Australians are almost half as likely to access Lifeline's crisis support services as other Australians, despite having one of the highest...

Depression - rethinking emotional blunting

Two hallmarks of depression that go hand in hand are isolation and withdrawal.

Every Three Hours Someone In Australia Dies By Suicide

The story that emerges is that things have become worse in terms of Australians dying by suicide -- which is already the leading cause of death for...

Occupational suicide – the dark side to Australia’s workforce

Australia’s workforce is in the throes of a dark and deadly suicide scourge, prompting employers to take urgent steps to address their workplace...