Mental Health: Don't Put Off Seeking Help When You Need It

The National Mental Health Commission have stated that despite recent criticisms of the mental health system, it is important that anyone needing...

If It Doesn’t Open . . . It’s Not Your Door

A while ago, I was going through my newsfeed on Facebook, when I came across this proclamation:

Addiction and Recovery: What Do Addicts REALLY Need?

Whenever I hear clients repeating themselves in our therapy sessions, I take notice.

Addiction and Codependency: Top 10 Reasons to Stop Enabling the Addict You Love - Part 1

We all know that addiction is rampant—it’s a horrific problem for far too many people, all over the world. And even though ‘addiction’ can take many...

“I Know I’m Enabling But . . .” Recovery from Addiction in the Family

After working with the loved ones of people struggling with addiction for nearly 30 years, I’m still amazed by how many come to their first session...

Support and Education for ADHD and LD Children in Japan

The 2017 Conference will be held at the Conference Centre, Sea World Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland from Monday 21 August – Wednesday 23 August 2017.