Why Adopt a Cross-Sector or Community Approach to Mental Health?

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Renee Knapp, Think Effective Consultancy

Mental Health in Schools: Where To Start & Key Areas To Improve

The following article was kindly written and contributed by Renee Knapp, Think Effective Consultancy

Supporting a Teen with Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are common among young Australians, with a health survey by the Australian Bureau of Statistics showing that in 2020-2021, ...

Mobility & Greater Wellbeing: Why Staying Active is Key

Maintaining mobility as we age is important for both our physical and mental health.

How Parents Can Help Support Their Teen's Mental Health

Your teen’s mental health should be a top priority. Social media, stigma, current events, and peer and parent pressure all play a part in the...

5 Benefits of Home Care for Seniors With Dementia

Dementia, more common in older people, is a condition that affects one’s cognitive abilities. When a senior loved one is diagnosed with this, it can...

Coping With Anxiety After Pregnancy

Before and after giving birth can be a highly distressing period for a woman. Within this time frame, also called the perinatal stage, she'll have to...

Cracks in the Ice: resources developed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

In July last year, Cracks in the Ice launched the first national website providing trusted, evidence-based, and up-to-date resources about crystal...

Can Gambling Addiction Co-Occur With Other Mental Health Disorders?

Gambling is considered a popular and enjoyable past-time worldwide. It’s a game of chance, giving people excitement and anticipation with the...

Cracks in the Ice: an online toolkit providing evidence-based information about crystal methamphetamine for health professionals and the community

What is Cracks in the Ice?