The Future of Psychiatry and Mental Health Services - Prof Philip Morris

Professor Philip Morris addressed the delegates of the 14th International Mental Health Conference earlier this week. Here is his presentation

State Government to close Qld's only dedicated residential youth mental health facility

ABC News By Jesse Dorsett Updated Wed Aug 7, 2013

Why men kill themselves: The warning signs most people miss

SOME people believe that if a person is going to kill themselves, there's nothing one can do. If you try to stop them, they'll just bide their time...

Barriers to OCD treatment in Australia research

Please assist a student of the Australian College of Applied Psychology in her research by participating in an online survey please click on the...

Youth survey shows life for young NZers improving

Thursday, 1 August, 2013 - 17:15

'Life not worth living' say many young men

ABC News 29 July

Exploring healthy and unhealthy uses of music by teenagers in recovery

The strength of the relationship between adolescents and their music is well understood. However diverse perspectives exist regarding whether music...

Improving the evidence on supported housing: latest research on NSW Housing & Accommodation Support

International literature suggests that the provision of permanent housing and support are important factors in supporting consumer recovery. Although...

The fight against Alzheimer's

The Project on channel 10 reported last night with PJ Lane, son of the late Don Lane, who was an Australian TV legend until his life was tragically...

Young men in crisis: mental health study

9 NEWS July 21