Alison Fairleigh Making Inroads Into Rural and Regional General Practitioner Mental Health

Congratulations Alison Fairleigh (Senior Manager – Community Engagement) of selectability on being a recipient of the David Horn Memorial Medal,...

Failure to Respond to Employee Complaints of Abrasive Management Proves Costly

Victorian Supreme Court awards $625K, finds a failure to act breached duty of care

Should you tell your boss you have depression?

Spilling the beans to an understanding employer may help to improve your health and your career.

The cost of mental health in the workplace

A mentally healthy workplace is good for business. Research shows it leads to less absenteeism, more-engaged workers, better productivity and morale....

Tony Holland CEO of OzHelp Foundation to present on the men's mental health and the workplace

Tony Holland, Chief Executive Officer, OzHelp Foundation will present at the 16th International Mental Health Conference at QT Hotel, Gold Coast...

Sue Barnes Presenting on Employer's Liability for Mental Health of Employees

Sue Barnes is a Partner with FCB Workplace Law and will be presenting on employer liability of employee's mental health at the 16th International...

End mental health stigma, says partner at major law firm

Article published in the Australasian Lawyer @Aus_Lawyer 18 May 2015 by Samantha Woodhill

16th International Mental Health Conference Program has been released

The 16th International Mental Health Conference will bring together leading clinical practitioners, academics, service providers and mental health...

Mental health stigma

Mental health stigma still affecting Australian workers, with research showing 4 in 10 hide depression from employers By Matthew Grimson